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Colourful, Comfortable, Innovative

Huntermaster New In Stock

Colourful, Comfortable, Innovative

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WETSUITS – 1.5mm, 3.5mm, 5mm & 7mm”

What goes into our innovative Huntsman range?


  • 1.5mm – Flatlock outer stitching
  • 3.5mm or 5mm – Blind stitch outer stitching with liquid seal

Liquid Seal Technology:

This technology is found on only the very best wetsuits. This amazing technology creates a watertight seal, prolonging the durability of your suit. This also keeps you warmer for longer meaning you can dive again and again when it really matters. With the Huntsman camo diving wetsuit, you really are one step closer to becoming a HUNTMASTER!

Outer Fabric: 

Super stretch material made using a Spandex blend that results in class leading durability, comfort and performance.

Our Unique Camo Design (Harbinger):

Stand out from the crowd on land yet disappear underwater with the ‘Huntsman’ multilayered and multi coloured camo design. Our various camo colours suit all habitats. Blaze for rocky structures, Blue for pelagic species in open water, Green for grassy and weedy habitats and then Red for the reef. Red is bright and visible on the surface and fades to an inconspicuous blend of grey and granite at depth.


Rest easy knowing that this eco-friendly material helps to save the oceans we love and live for. Made using limestone and not petroleum, the rubber chips are melted, aerated and then baked. These environmentally friendly materials have the lowest carbon footprint of any form of wetsuit on the planet. So no matter which of the Huntsman camo range you choose, you’re always wearing green.

Torch pouch (Right Inner Sleeve):

A truly innovative design for the Halo diving torches to be held in the handy torch pouch positioned on the right sleeve. This allows you to hold your gun while easily accessing your torch.

  • Top grade limestone neoprene, high performance with a low carbon footprint
  • Blind stitching and liquid seals on 1.5mm, 3.5mm and 5mm models
  • Unique multi layered camo pattern printed on super stretchy spandex blend
  • Glideskin inner material making it easy to slip on and off
  • Handy Torch pouch on the right inner sleeve, to fit the Halo diving torches
  • Handy travel mesh bag to store your suit, gloves and socks
  • Available in 4 unisex colours (Blaze, Red, Green, Blue)
  • Check our attached wetsuit chart to see which size fits best

Huntress Wetsuit Camo Series – Pink

Introducing the Exclusive “Huntress” Women’s Only Diving Wetsuit 

Not all divers are men and that is why we have developed a wetsuit especially for female divers. The Huntress offers a more generous cut around the chest and hips, with a tighter waist and adjusted groin.

Wigun Aluminium Speargun – Camo Series

Literally translated as SPEAR THROWER in Ancient Aboriginal Dharawal Language, the Wigun Aluminium Speargun is Huntmaster’s modern version of one of the most primitive and traditional weapons known to mankind. The archaic practice of killing with a spear has been around in Australia in one form or another for some 50,000 years, but never in such an effective, reliable or desirable form as the Huntmaster Wigun. With the arrival of higher technologies, stronger materials and more comprehensive production methods we have created a ‘spear thrower’ that’s not only deadly accurate but also powerful, super simple and extremely reliable.


With a full-length rail that runs directly from the full stainless-steel mechanism all the way along the handle, barrel and head. No more unsightly joints between handle and barrel or barrel and head, allowing the spear to travel unimpeded from start to finish.

The simple open head is designed to be used by either left or right handers and can hold 3x16mm bands. The integrated stainless-steel line guides make for a quick and simple loading experience putting you back in action and onto your target as quick as possible.


Huntmaster Wigun spearguns have taken the spear thrower to the next level, just one quick glance at a photo and you’ll immediately notice the high-end water transfer with polyurethane coating in 5 unique Harbinger Camo designs with integrated logos making these spearguns top shelf!


All the Wigun speargun range uses top grade ‘Attack’ Microbore rubber with a smaller internal diameter, only 1mm, this rubber offers more power to size ratio than other leading brands. For more info go to ‘Attack Rubber’ KHALED INSERT HYPERLINK HERE 

The reverse mechanism and the rearward positioning on the shark fins adds an extra 10cm band stretch, more band stretch means more power. A 100cm Huntmaster gun has 110cm band stretch.

Speargun handle:

A closer inspection will reveal a custom handle designed by the HUNTMASTER team to suit a number of configurations, rollers, pulleys and conventional spearguns.

The integrated hook and mounting points make loading, unloading and taking pretension off your rubbers a breeze. The integrated hook can also be used for future inverted roller conversions, this saves unnecessary and nasty drilling into barrels and handles causing issues in the long run. 

  • Open Head Muzzle with Integrated Stainless-Steel guide
  • Aluminum Barrels with High-end water transfer and polyurethane coating in 5 unique Harbinger Camo designs with integrated logos (Red, Green, Blue, Blaze and Pink)
  • Attack Microbore Rubber with a tiny 1mm core
  • Revolutionary Custom made Speargun Handle with Full stainless-steel mechanism, GoPro Mount, integrated hook and mounting points and various matching colours
  • The integrated hook for the speargun handle can also be used for Roller, Pulley or Conventional setups (No more nasty drilling into your barrels or handles!!)


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Harbinger Camo Diving Mask

With matching camo colors and print that seamlessly blends in with your Huntsman or Huntress Wetsuit, the Harbinger Mask really is a sign of change and of more to come! We have spent many long months perfecting the printing techniques of the hypoallergenic skirt so as not to interfere with the qualities we have all come to expect from a modern high-end mask. 

Our Unique Camo Design (Harbinger): 

“Be seen when you want, disappear when it counts!!”

Our various camo colours suit all habitats. Blaze for rocky structure, Blue for pelagic species in open water, Green for grassy and weedy habitats and then Red or Pink for the reef. The Harbinger CAMO Mask matches with the Camo Snorkel, Huntsman and Huntress camo range and WIGUN Series of guns. 

Matching Coloured Lesnses:

These tinted and reflective lenses are great for closing the last vital distances required on many flighty species such as snapper and Mu and can restore more clarity and sharpness to what, would otherwise be murky waters, much as an amber lens mask would.

Matching Mask Camo Containers:

A very handy way to store your smaller items whilst on a boat and pack away your mask when you’re done diving. 

Our Flagship Mask:

The Harbinger mask is our flagship mask that’s not only the forbearer of things to come, but also foreshadows your prey’s final moments as you close the gap.

  • Hypoallergenic liquid seal skirt for a comfortable fit on a variety of face shapes
  • Harbinger camo design in 5 colours (Red, Blue, Blaze, Green and Pink)  
  • Tinted and reflective lenses in matching colours
  • Great field of vision 
  • Matching camo containers


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Rock Hopper – Small – PVC Float

HUNTMASTER has incorporated true innovative technology for spearfishing floats. These tubeless floats are constructed with the strongest material on the market – 0.9mm PVC.

This material is used for high end Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) such as marine rescue and police boats. These floats come in a range of  high visibility colors.

With a tear capacity of over ‘450kgs’, the Rock Hopper is built tough, HUNTMASTER tough! Don’t let is size deceive you. This little float has 15kg of lift at 20m depth and can hold 1.5 Atmosphere.

Why Rock Hopper?

This is perfect for rock hopping and shore diving where you expect to come across something big. It has been tested extensively in New South Wales shore diving for 20kg Kingfish and has held its own against 25kg Spanish Mackerel in Queensland. For a float that measures only 55cm long by 35cm wide and weighing only 1.2kg, it’s a real workhorse.

The wide low profile shape of the ROCK HOPPER makes it perfect for long swims up and down the coast, it glides effortlessly behind the hunter as it skims the surface. The additional D Rings can be used to attach a flasher, stringer, whistle, drinking water or cray net.

  • All HUNTMASTER floats are made using 0.9mm PVC, making them puncture proof and abrasion resistant, protecting the float from damage from fish fins, spear tips, knives and other sharp objects.
  • Our floats are aerodynamically engineered and hand crafted with an internal and external structural design that lessens drag in the water. This new technology ensures maximum comfort for the spearo, reducing exertion from dragging heavy floats and improving overall dive time.
  • Unlike other spearfishing floats, HUNTMASTER float designs are innovatively shaped. As demonstrated in the product image, our floats do not require additional lead weights to be added for the flag to remain upright.
  • Structural design and dimensions of medium HUNTMASTER floats allow for ~ 15kgs* (33lbs) of lift ~ 20m depth. This is achieved by pressurizing the float up to 1 Atmosphere (ATM), (15 lbs PSI).
  • Our floats come in a variety of high visibility colors ensuring that you are seen by other boats and fellow divers which is crucial for safety.
  • Rock Hopper PVC Floats come in a small and a medium size


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Neoprene Gun Bag

The HUNTMASTER neoprene gun bag was made with local trips and rock hoppers in mind. 

Construction: It is made from 3.5mm neoprene with an outer lycra layer in our unique camo design.

Integrated Shoulder Straps: Your guns, floatline, mask and snorkel will be protected and easy to carry thanks to the integrated shoulder straps.

We have created a bag that’s low cost without compromising on quality. With a central grab handle, as well as shoulder straps, you can carry the bag at your side or on your back for long treks to your spot. The HUNTMASTER neoprene gun bag is big enough and strong enough to hold 2 x 120cm guns. It has a simple velcro opening at one end and a hook for hanging the bag to dry on the other end.

The bag can be rolled up or folded for storage, which makes it perfect for liveaboard trips and its light and durable enough to put inside another lockable bag for transport and transit.

  • Webbing handle and webbing shoulder straps
  • Simple velcro opening 
  • Protects your spearguns
  • Great for rock hopping, leaving your hands free to climb and balance
  • Light and easily packed away at home, on a liveaboard or trailer boat.
  • Hook for drying and hanging
  • Available in our 5 unique camo colours (Blaze, Green, Blue, Red and Pink) and Black