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Servicing & Tank Testing

Servicing & Tank Testing

Endless solutions to get you back in the water, safer.

Equipment Servicing

At Bay City Scuba we offer servicing solutions for all manufacturers, brands, and models of SCUBA diving equipment, dive computers, spearfishing, and a select range of closed circuit rebreather’s. We also have an onsite cylinder hydrostatic test station and are accredited to test a wide range of dive cylinders, fiber-wrapped cylinders and specialty cylinders such as storage cylinders Breathing Apparatus (BA) and other pressure vessels

Our qualified, certified and highly skilled service technicians take pride and are passionate about providing to you not only a professional and reliable service of your specialised diving equipment but also the capacity to be able to provide these services in a timely manner so you can get back into the water as soon as possible with the knowledge that your equipment has been serviced properly, tested and tuned within the manufacturers specifications and this most importantly safe for use.

At Bay City Scuba we understand that sometimes finding the time to drop your gear into the store can be challenging. We now can also provide a collection, servicing and delivery service to assist all of our customers so that your equipment is ready to dive when you are. This service is available to all customers Australia wide for all items except for cylinders as we can only offer this service in selected areas.

Enquire below for more details.

Tank Testing

With our certified, insured and compliant onsite cylinder test station, we can assure you that we can cater for all of your cylinder testing, servicing and cleaning needs.

  • Annual hydrostatic testing
  • Rust and oxidisation removal
  • Cylinder cleaning
  • Oxygen cleaning
  • Cylinder refurbishment
  • Valve servicing

Wetsuit & Drysuit Repairs

Sometimes we go diving to get wet and other times we don’t really want to get completely wet.

At Bay City Scuba, we offer a range of wetsuit and drysuit repairs and alterations.
Get in contact with us to discuss your needs.

Pressure Testing

There’s nothing worse than destroying an expensive dive computer when you’ve taken it for a dive after changing battery due to a simple yet costly mistake.

At Bay City Scuba, not only can we professionally provide a much-needed battery change to a dive computer or a transmitter but we can also pressure test these units to ensure their waterproof integrity.

We also can provide a pressure testing service for testing larger items such as camera housings.

Regulator Servicing

Quite simply your regulator is your most important piece of diving equipment. This crucial air delivery system Is also generally one of the most expensive pieces of equipment that you will purchase.

Regular servicing of your regulators or air delivery system as it is also known is vital to ensure that they are working safely, reliably, and efficiently.
Bay City Scuba’s service technicians are divers themselves, we understand the need for a service technician to not only know how to assemble and disassemble an air delivery systems but also understand how this essential equipment needs to perform not only on the test bench but also underwater.

When an air delivery system is booked in for a full service in our service department, the unit is pre-checked to assess the condition of the air delivery system before disassembly and documented.

The unit is then disassembled into each and every individual component where all reusable parts are then inspected, cleaned, disinfected and then the correct manufacturers service kits are installed lubricated, assembled and then put through a series of testing and adjusting until the unit is functioning to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Our service facility is fully equipped with the latest testing and servicing equipment, brand-specific tools and we only use the correct and specified manufacturers parts and service kits.
Some of our regulators services include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Pre-Dive safety checks
  • Adjustments
  • Full regulator servicing
  • Oxygen cleaning
  • Yoke to DIN conversions
  • Hose upgrades

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your regulator/ air delivery system servicing needs.

Speargun Repairs

Do you have a speargun that needs a rubber. Maybe you’re shooting line is worse for wear?

At Bay City Scuba, we’re spearo’s too!

If you have a speargun that needs a bit work or you need any of the following, give us a call and we would be glad to help.

  • Made to measure gun rubbers
  • Re-rigging
  • New shafts
  • Gun bungee’s
  • Break away systems
  • Rigging or set-up advice.
  • Custom set-ups

Spare Parts

At Bay City Scuba, we carry and have access to a huge range of spare parts.
Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my cylinder to be tested?

Our standard cylinder testing timeframe is 3 to 5 days depending on the season. During peak season, and as we’re one of the only on-site testing facilities we can have delays of up to a week. We do also offer an express testing service for an additional fee.

How long will it take for my regulators to be serviced?

Service time for regulators is usually between 5-10 days. This can depend on the availability of parts and service kits. One of our friendly service technicians Will inform you if there is going to be any delays in Your regulator servicing.

Why is the rust in my tank?

Rust generally occurs when moisture is allowed into the cylinder. There are many different ways that moisture can get inside your dive cylinder. The most common is moisture coming through the filtration systems of dive compressor that has not had it’s filtration adequately maintained.

It is also possible that moisture can get into a cylinder when a cylinder is being filled at a fill station such as your local dive shop. If there is any moisture present in the valve orifice at the time of filling and it is not removed there is a high possibility that this moisture could be forced into the tank when the cylinder is being filled.

Other ways of rust occurring in a cylinder is when a cylinder is left completely empty especially with the valve open.

If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Why does my tank smell like oil?

That horrible oily stench occurs when filtration systems of dive compressor have failed and have not had it’s filtration adequately maintained. It can also be an indicator that the compressor may have other underlying issues that need to be addressed by a compressor technician.

Why is it important to get my BCD serviced?

It’s often forgotten but your BCD is an integral part of your diving equipment. Regular servicing that includes disinfecting, pressure, and leak testing, and annual servicing of parts ensures that your BCD is working optimally.
Don’t forget, a BCD that’s working properly makes diving enjoyable and most importantly, SAFE!

Is changing my own battery in my dive computer a good idea?

Depending on the manufacturer of the computer, changing your battery could quite possibly be something you can do yourself.

Like most things in scuba-diving, most dive computers require a specific amount of tools, seals, and batteries that are not always available to people who are not trained, service technicians.

The greatest fear in changing your own battery is the prospect of destroying a very expensive dive computer. Unfortunately, we find the most dive computers that have had the batteries changed by the owner often flood at depth and in most cases in saltwater which almost guarantees that the computer cannot be saved.

For a small fee compared to the cost of a dive computer, you can have one of our experienced Service technicians change your battery and pressure test your dive computer or transmitters Down to depth below 70 meters and ensure the watertight integrity of your valuable dive computer.

Feel free to bring your dive computer into the store so we can discuss your needs.